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Nashville's New Summer Single, Available for Pre-Save Now, To Drop Globally on August 11

NASHVILLE – Global touring artist Jordan Asher’s latest single, Everest, shares the universal human experience of striving for self-improvement. For Spatial Audio listeners, Everest will feature a special Dolby Atmos mix with an enhanced immersive soundscape. The single is written by Jordan, Joie Scott (Collin Raye, Shania Twain, and Jim Peterik) and Tabitha Fair (backing vocals for Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga). The motivational lyrics are backed by the skilled production of Noah Bruskin (Olivia Newton-John, John Farnham and P!NK), Daniel Xander (production for X Factor UK and Head of Music for and Alan Parsons (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Ambrosia and The Hollies). Pre-Save Everest now: Everest opens with lyrics which paint the picture of what it is like to struggle in pursuit of your goals. When you have slipped on the journey and are hanging from the cliff's edge, Jordan encourages you to hold on, look up at the end goal and savor the feeling once you get there. With an upbeat and inspiring contemporary melody, Everest is sure to be the motivational soundtrack of the summer. "Life is a pilgrimage. Our journeys are separate and our obstacles are our own, but the one thing we all have in common is the power to move forward and change our view. Everyone's version of Everest is unique, but nothing is insurmountable. I want this song to inspire you to keep going, and I promise, you will make it to the top," says Jordan. “Jordan’s latest offering is a soulful, hard-edged new song called Everest, which was produced, recorded, and mixed here at my studio ParSonics in Santa Barbara. The vocals were beautifully recorded at the world-famous Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, perfectly capturing Jordan's heartfelt vocal performance. The song was written by Jordan with lyrics by Joie Scott, who has also worked with Jim Peterik of Survivor. It’s a really great feeling track captured perfectly with the help of arrangers and engineers Noah Bruskin and Daniel Xander. Check it out!” says co-producer Alan Parsons. "Jordan Asher is a one of a kind artist and human being. His thoughtful writing, production and vocal styles pull from my favorite decades of popular music.…..FIRE!!" says co-writer Tabitha Fair (background touring vocalist for Sting, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, U2, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Elton John, Jennifer Hudson and many more). Preview Everest below, and taste the adrenaline rush found at the peak: Some chart their map for dreams that dare their soul Some tie their ropes to rainbows to find that pot of gold For me it’s getting somewhere I can barely breathe When this heart gets beatin’ crazy, and it’s too good to believe Singin..standin’ on that mountain top, the worlds right at your feet The view is unbelievable, victory is so sweet The journey’s cold and rugged But think what you would have missed One way or another ... Everybody’s got their Everest

Jordan's music has already won over some of the best in the industry. "In addition to being a beautiful soul, Jordan Asher’s music is direct ray of sunshine to your ears, heart and soul. His musicality is honest and delivers love and joy all around." – Franklin Vanderbilt (drummer for Stevie Wonder and Lennie Kravitz) “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jordan the last decade. He brings a fresh take on melodic and lyrical ideas to bring any musical situation to life. A true talent.”

– DannyThompson (live and studio musician for Alan Parsons, Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots) "Jordan Asher is music heart and soul." – Michael Peterson (singer/songwriter with 15 global #1 hits, cut by Travis Tritt, Deniece Williams, Timothy B. Schmit of The Eagles)

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